It starts with your idea...

To move your idea through the stages of development, Engineering Balance has the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need. What can we do for you?


Finite Element Analysis

FEA is a tool used by many but understood by few. Our team of engineers has over a decade of experience in applying finite element analysis in industry and in training other engineers to use it properly.


Machined part design and analysis

From complex 5 axis machining operation to your simplest parts, Engineering Balance has the expertise to design and analyze for the environment your components will experience. We have experience designing parts for some of the harshest environments on the planet.



Welding Design and analysis

Welding design and analysis is a very detailed process often misconstrued and erroneously calculated. Engineering Balance has over a decade of experience designing critical application and design assemblies. We provide appropriate analysis for even your most advanced welded assemblies.



Rapid Prototyping

Allowing your to see your design without the high dollar expense of traditional fabrication methods, Engineering Balance has the resources available to put a representation of your product in your hands for evaluation.


Engineering Balance, LLC